We are pleased to announce the sale of the Securus PERS business to Freeus LLC effective February 27, 2015. Freeus

Freeus will continue to deliver to dealers PERS products, services, and pricing previously offered by Securus.

In the near future and in addition to current products and pricing, Freeus anticipates offering new products, services, and dealer pricing—including the release of a next generation 3G product similar in function to the eResponder.

Freeus will sell products and services only to dealers and not directly to consumers.

Freeus is a sister company to AvantGuard Monitoring Centers both having common ownership. Having this relationship will allow for tighter integration between the two companies, and a more seamless integration of account management and services. We believe that dealers and subscribers will be very well served by this change and relationship.

On behalf of Securus, we thank you for your business and your support of our innovative technologies. On behalf of Freeus, we look forward to a bright future together with our dealers as we deliver FREEDOM to individuals and families through innovative products and services. You will soon be able to learn more about Freeus when you visit us on the web at www.freeus.com. If you have questions, please email Marc McGrann at mmcgrann@freeus.com or call Freeus at 888-924-1026.