“Share Your Story” Testimonial Contest

Congratulations to our contest winner, John from Idaho!

Here is his story:

“We rescued an English Setter that had been hit on the highway chasing birds. He LOVES to run and chases anything that flies. We live close to a river so if he is able to get out he knows his job is to flush the ducks out of the river edges.

After the first escape we made sure we had all the things people do to try to insure their safe return (chip, tags, secure gates, etc). He managed to escape 2 more times. The last time we were searching until midnight and finally got a call from someone at 1:00 A.M. that he was found. It was a terrifying night since he runs so fast we could only imagine where he might end up.

We researched EVERYTHING we could get our hands on to track him and decided on Spotlite. He has escaped twice since wearing his GPS but we have found him within a block of our house. He just looks at us like “how in the world did you find me before I could even get to the river? This is a bummer”

Having Spotlite is relief beyond imagination. We are so grateful and will never be without it from now on.”

Check out the entries from the contest finalists!

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Finalist 1: Vicky from Florida:

“I am the proud mother of a 17 year old going on 50. According to him, he pretty much knows it all about driving, about life, about anything really… When my husband and I decided this year that it was finally time to reduce my never ending duties of Taxi mom, we bought him a car and fell into the scary Unknown… the first few days were unnerving; Is he driving at the speed limit?, How come its taking him 5 minutes 12 seconds more than what I expected for him to arrive home? Is he taking the safest route home? Is he avoiding the expressway? Did he arrive at his friend’s house? Did he make it to school? Way too much uncertainty for me… That’s when I decided to search for MY peace of mind! Securus was THE perfect gadget!! We’ve been using it now for about seven months and I’m delighted! It’s not about not trusting my teenager, 10 out of 10 times, he has proven he is behaving responsibly. It’s about MY peace of mind. I’ve been able to let him take advantage of his new found freedom without unnecessary worrying. Securus allows control and provides opportunities for dialogue with my teen. Overspeed alerts are received in my cell real time… Brilliant! I downloaded the phone application and with a touch of the screen, I know exactly where he’s been, where he’s at and where he’s going. I can also text “Find” and I get real time data as well. I don’t use it all the time anymore but I love just knowing it is accessible to me when I need it. Thank you Securus!!”

Finalist 2: Tony from Florida:

“I run a small event company in Miami. These events many times require the use of a large generator. We also live in one of the most active hurricane corridors in the world. So I thought to myself “this is a great opportunity to buy a trailer mounted generator and use it at home AND at work.” So I went ahead and purchased a great 48kw diesel generator mounted on a trailer. The plan was to have it connected to my home full time and then disconnect and trailer to my events as needed. A nice tidy plan. But since this unit is trailer mounted and mobile, it is susceptible to theft. Much to my surprise neither my home owner’s insurance or business insurance would cover the generator. And at the replacement cost of $20,000, this scared the daylights out of me. I researched, but the mobile generator was un-insurable. I researched GPS trackers and I found Securus’ eZoom. I ordered online and received it a few days later. I installed the eZoom and buried it deep inside the generator so that it could not be found. I was surprised to see how well it received and tracked the signal even deep inside the generator. I felt secure. A few months later, my family and I are away on vacation and I get a text from and odd number “96225.” When I read the text I jumped, “Magnum55 left Home SafeSpot; is located at ….” I quickly called my local police back in Miami and explained what was happening to them. I was on the phone with a dispatcher who was on the line with a squad car. I read the positions from the online map as the officer homed in on the $20,000 generator. I am in Orlando several hundred miles from Miami, on my laptop, leading a cop to my stolen generator – I love technology! A few minutes later the officer found the generator behind a warehouse. It was sitting there “cooling off” he explained. Thieves often steal high-ticket items and then leave them somewhere to see if they are GPS tracked and recovered. Mine was being tracked by Securus and my eZoom. Score one for the good guys. I had a friend pick it up and she was once again safe at my home. When I look back at this experience and I think about the fact that I almost did not buy the eZoom. I am happy that I did and now sing its praises whenever I can.”